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With years of experience working in property tax assessment law and other areas of real estate law, the Law Offices of Michael J. Hughes PLLC is the knowledgeable, dedicated law firm you need.

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Law Offices of Michael J. Hughes PLLC: Where Experience And Innovation Meet

For the past 30 years, our law firm has embraced creative thinking and knowledge-based strategies for our clients’ complicated property tax and real estate issues. Our attorney, Michael J. Hughes, has worked in many areas of real estate law, including commercial and municipal real estate. This gives him unique insights into real estate law and helps him find the right solutions for your issues, without sacrificing expediency.

A Full-Service Real Estate Law Firm

Purchasing real estate, especially for a commercial venture, requires extensive preparations. When executed well, your real estate venture can be a smooth, positive experience. But even the best-laid plans can lead to a bumpy road. Are you ready?

At Law Offices of Michael J. Hughes PLLC, our team works with you at every stage. We help you find lasting solutions to questions such as: Is my real estate development plan really serving my interests? Can I rest easy after buying this property? What happens when an issue with a renter requires legal action? Are my taxes reflective of my property?

We focus on achieving results. Our firm understands that your time is valuable and that you need prompt and efficient representation. We resolve most of our cases within the year, and we produce successful outcomes and satisfied clients in the process. Hear what our former clients have to say.

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